Jae is a Finnish company inspired by the arctic and fresh conditions in the Nordic Finland.
Lapland is reflected in the reindeer leather elements used as creative details of the brand.
Each pair of shoes is tailored to the customer's personality and requirements.

Angeline Jae wants to create strong women through shoes. The feel of the shoe is reflected in the walk. Shoes also tell a lot about their wearer.
They have a strong influence on the image what you want to convey to the world.

How to order Jae shoes?

1. Choose a shoe model from our collection and tell us what kind of external changes you want to make.
You can change the color, the seam, the lines, the length and the width of the shoe and the color of the heel but not the shape of the heel.

2. If you want to order shoes with your own dimensions, you will need to schedule a personal appointment.

Each pair are 100% handmade.